A.       Background

Things can happen now,  in the future or in the past. The tenses show the time of a verb’s action or being. The verb ending is changed (conjugated) to show roughly what time it is referring to.

Time can be split into three periods the present (what you’re doing), the past (what you did), and the future (what you are going to do).

The tenses we use to show what time we’re talking about are split into the simple, continuous and perfect tenses.

In English we use two tenses to talk about the present and six tenses to talk about the past. There are several ways to talk about the future some of which use the present tenses, there are:

·      Present            : simple present, present continuous.

·      Past     : simple past, past continuous, present perfect continuous, present perfect simple, past perfect simple, past perfect continuous.

·      Future : using the simple present, using the present continuous, using the present perfect simple, using the present perfect continuous, using going to, using shall/will.



B.       Purpose

The purpose of this paper is to help students in learning and mastering English language well and correctly and to teach students how to speak  and understand English.



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